Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

If You Have Been Wrongfully Charged With Domestic Assault

Although there has been an increase in the number of women charged with domestic violence over the past several years, statistically, men still face charges at a significantly higher rate than women. In addition to actual arrests for domestic abuse, men are often slapped with police protection orders and temporary restraining orders, denying them access to their children and home. At Dad’s Law, we provide experienced representation for men accused of violating a TRO or charged with domestic abuse.

More and more frequently, police called to the scene of a domestic dispute are forced to file domestic assault charges against one of the parties. It is often the man who is charged with felony assault. In reality, the charges often arise out of a misunderstanding or mutual physical contact. Nevertheless, any domestic violence charge will have a very negative effect on your future. In situations where a divorce is pending or already in the works, charging the husband with domestic assault or child abuse is frequently used as a ploy to gain the upper hand in a property award or custody battle. Our trial lawyers know the tricks. We provide aggressive representation to help innocent men avoid the penalties of a false accusation.

If You are Guilty of Domestic Assault

If you have been accused of domestic abuse after an altercation with another person in your relationship, we will fight for the best possible outcome for your charges, including seeking alternative programs to keep you out of jail. Domestic violence charges are almost always filed as a felony and penalties for a conviction are severe. Depending upon the type of domestic assault charges you face, however, there may be alternative education or training programs that will allow you to avoid a conviction on your record. We work aggressively to find remedies such as 52-week batterer intervention programs and anger management programs.

Temporary Restraining Orders? Ex Parte Hearings? Domestic Assault Defense

Our firm takes domestic violence seriously. We do not fight to keep batters on the street or in their relationship. We provide very serious representation to help men charged with domestic abuse get the right outcome that will benefit themselves, their partners and society. Contact us to talk with one of our experienced Family Law attorneys today.