Military Dad's

Military Dads and Husbands Should Get Fair Treatment

Military dads and husbands face unique challenges. At Dad’s Law, we dedicate much of our law practice to protecting the Family Law rights of fathers in the military. If you are a military member with questions about divorce, child custody or visitation agreements, contact Dad’s Law to consult a Family Law attorney committed to limiting gender bias against fathers in Family Law cases.

At Dad’s Law, our attorneys offer decades of relevant legal understanding, along with an advanced understanding of the complex issues faced by military dads. We are practical lawyers who can provide clear advice to military dads about how to best protect their rights and privileges as fathers — and how to protect their own financial security as well.

Serve Our Country With Confidence While We Protect Your Family Law Rights

We will take the necessary time to listen carefully to your questions and provide answers on issues such as:

  • Visitation agreements for military dads: Divorced military dads who are on active duty may need to change visitation agreements to make sure the father-child bond continues even during military service. Our attorneys know how to craft creative visitation agreements that account for tours of duty and help military dads maintain high-quality long-distance relationships with their children.
  • Child custody modifications for military dads: Fathers with primary or shared custody of their children may need to make temporary modifications to custody orders during periods of active military service.
  • Divorce during military service: Military members on active duty have legal protections in the event of divorce. We can explain how the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act can help you if your wife files divorce papers while you are on active duty.
  • Protection of financial assets for military members: If divorce is inevitable, it may be to your benefit to file as soon as possible. Among other reasons, your wife’s portion of your military retirement pay will only increase with time. At Southern California Dad’s Law, we help military dads with divorce planning and asset protection during divorce.