attention attorneys: all remaining U S markets will be licensed to a single family law attorney or firm per state or metro area
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How Do Men View Divorce ?

Dads LAw Is your brand, you are the expert 

As you know, the process of divorce for men who have children can be extremely painful and difficult. Men instinctively know that the deck is generally stacked against them at the courthouse when it comes to issues like custody, visitation, property division, and child support. The system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone – but fathers are particularly fearful of what may happen. Being an experienced family law attorney is no longer enough to differentiate yourself from all of the lawyers who claim to be qualified and successful in family law matters. 1-800-DADS-LAW is your  way of making a BOLD and unequivocal statement that YOU are the attorney best suited to protect men and advocate their rights in court.